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Our Approach
UDA NEFTEGAZ is an industry leader in synthetic lubricant technology for industrial applications. Founded in 2006, UdaNeftegaz has always believed in a two-fold approach to serving the industries in the Russian Federation and around the world: build the highest quality products and back them with uncompromising customer service.

UdaNeftegaz Key Focus

"The Company’s key oil production enterprise is the annual output of all the Holding’s enterprises is approximately 15 mln tons of crude oil."



Along with finding solutions to unique lubrication problems, our research staff is constantly evaluating the latest base stock and additive technology to provide our customers with the best lubricants on the market. We have the flexibility to choose from the entire range of high-quality base stocks available to formulate the best lubricant for each application.


Our mission

UdaNeftegaz strategic goal for the 21st century is to secure stable growth and to become one of the world’s leading oil companies. The goal can be achieved through a well-balanced solution of social, economic and environmental protection assignments.


  • Petrochemical production
  • Oil Trading
  • Aviation
  • Gaz
  • Marine

Our attitude

The oil produced (excluding export crude) is delivered to UdaNeftegaz Petroleum Refinery where it is processed. The Company’s refining enterprises possess significant production capacities and state-of-the-art equipment that allow manufacturing high-quality products compliant with the international standards.

“To complete this, industrial/occupational/environmental safety systems have been created and are successfully operating within the Company. They fully comply with the existing legislation of the Russian Federation and are based upon best domestic and international practices and are certified in conformity with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. ”